Five Pawn eliquid visit 1/2016

Our visit from the “Vape Stars” Dave and Vince of Five Pawns was an experience consistent with all of the myriad of the Five Pawns “Five Star” products’ marketing, and penchant for excellence in e-liquids to which all other companies would be wise to study and assimilate. I will be using newly released Black Flag Risen as my ADV as Five Pawns perpetuates their tradition of bring the finest flavors, finest quality and “safest” e-liquids to the market. It seems that each draw is a new experience from the last, making one anxious to take another hit as each offers a new and improved level of satisfaction. It is my intention to promote the Five Pawn enterprise for their persistent improvement in each new product, reflecting steadfastly my own most fervent dedication to making vaping not only the nemesis of combustible tobacco but also my dedication to the gentrification of the practice of vaping, the only consistently proven substitute for harmful combustion tobacco products (i.e. cigarettes), results substantiated by many scientific investigators like the esteemed Dr. Konstantino Farsolinas and others, including one of the earliest and most esteemed disciples of the safest, most enjoyable product in the vaping industry. You are invited to investigate my blog , as well as my post on the Five Pawns enterprising FB page. Let me impress on you with three of the “wise-tale” anecdotes as:
2. It only costs a little more to go “first class.”
3. and… never take your eye off the ball! (conceptual milieus perpetuated by the no 1 ranked Marshall School of Business and entrepreneur department at the University of Southern California, where I received my Masters In Medial Management, “MMM”). Continue reading