December 2017: JOSEPH TUOHY “Vape Boss”

Joseph Tuohy – “Vape Boss”

Hello Vapun readers!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Summer with their families and are ready for my favorite season, Fall.

I began vaping in January 2010. Over the past decade there has been a significant rise in popularity of individuals across the vaping industry.  The proliferation of the industry has created a buzz on social media, resulting in a rise to fame for a select group of individuals known for their vaping expertise.  These people are often referred to as “Vape Famous.”  One such individual is Joseph Tuohy, better known as “Vape Boss” or, as I like to call him, “Boss Man.”  If you haven’t heard of the Vape Boss, I would like to know what bottle of e-liquid you have been hiding under?  The Vape Boss has become a very crucial vape personality, one of the most significant players in our industry because he has created what is referred to as the “Entourage Effect,” meaning the impact of the entire group is greater than the sum total of all its individual parts.  Vape Boss’ primary goal has always been to intervene in smoker’s lives and introduce them to a new lifestyle, that of Vaping e-cigs and subsequent harm reduction.

My first introduction to the Vape Boss was one day when I was awakened by my morning Facebook news.  Here was a man I had never seen saying “Good morning” to a multitude of individuals and friends while also delivering the daily Vape news both nationally and internationally, and including his home state of Alabama (I won’t discriminate against him since I’m a Volunteer from Tennessee.)  What intrigued me most about Joseph’s morning routine is that he wasn’t just calling out “vape famous” personalities or vape professionals, he would call out any new friend or new vaper that he had recently encountered, to say the least.  I fell in love with the man from day one (a.k.a. “Bromance”). 

Today the Vape Boss can be found advocating at the local and national level.  He is also responsible for hosting vape conventions for the sole purpose of converting smokers.  The convention he is associated with is called “The Deep South Vapers Carnevale” which had its initial gathering in the southern Shriners arena in Mobile, Alabama in August.  My partner, General Manager of DocsVapeEscape, Austin “Shazam” Phifer, and I traveled with our women to attend that event and we are also driving to the next Deep South Vapers Carnevale which convenes in Raleigh, North Carolina on November 18 and 19,, 2017.  I encourage all those who are in the industry, as well as vapers, to attend these events to perpetuate and promote vaping and the subsequent benefit of harm reduction.

Joseph Tuohy continues to advocate passionately, converting smokers along the way.  He takes the most pride in his family and friends as he says in his infamous statement “Love the ones you love!”  I have found the Vape Boss to be an honest, humble man and an incredible human being who keeps the flame of harm reduction burning bright within his heart and this industry.  His enthusiasm is contagious!

In summary, it has been my pleasure and a great honor to write about Joseph “Vape Boss” Tuohy.  Now that you have been introduced to this vaping icon, watch for him on social media.  If you do, don’t be surprised if one morning he says YOUR NAME followed by his most famous quote  “Good Morning!”

Ryan Matthew Thornton / Guest Writer for Vapun Magazine and Owner of DocsVapeEscape, Cookeville, Tn. 


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