August 2015: Feature in VAPE SHOP CORNER section

Not far from the heart of Nashville, Tennessee, about an hour east, nestled in what is known as the Cumberland Plateau, exists a very special place, Docs Vape Escape. Now, of course, almost every vaper claims a vape shop or two that are their favorites.  After all, the goal of every vape shop that exists across the United States is to have something that makes them special or unique in this new industry.  Still it is what drives my journey to find the most unique and interesting shops across the country, digging deep into the heart of the business we call vaping.

Vape Shops are clearly the beating heart of the industry, having direct contact with the customers and “real-time” responses about what is desirable and refuted in the vaping world.   It’s what allows fellow vapers to network with other vapers, resulting in growth and knowledge of vaping and equipment.  For example, even the sheer fact of your being able to read a publication about vaping may not be possible if it were not for brick and mortar vape shops that sell vaping products and educate people about the process and the devices.   This dynamic is occurring at most every shop across the country each and every day. It’s how people get into vaping;, it’s how people get educated about the various nuances of vaping; and continue to get educated as they cautiously begin to venture into their first attempts of vaping.  Anecdotally, as vapers, we are all connected, even though we may not yet know one another, we all share the same vaping goals.

Doc’s Vape Escape in Cookeville, Tennessee is that special place!  To most, they may think it is just another vape shop, but as I stated, every shop has special qualities that separate them from all the rest. There is no exception to that rule here at Doc’s.  After all this shop is the legacy of, and dedicated to, Dr Anthony Dalton (Owner), a retired Orthopedic Surgeon who has professionally stated that his experience is that vaping is significantly safer than smoking.  As proof of that statement, after 35 years since his last cigarette, Dr. Dalton is now an avid vape enthusiast with a myriad of vape devices and liquids.  After months of scouring medical journals and anecdotal research, Dr. Dalton is convinced that vaping will significantly alter the ill health effects and years of medical devastation as the result of smoking combustible tobacco, also known as cigarettes.  It is with this knowledge that Dr. Dalton, his wife Karen, son and daughter-in-law Ryan and Erika Thornton embarked on the prospect of opening a vape shop in their town.  Not only was it Doc’s goal to provide the highest quality products and education of product to the vaping community, but to be the epitome of customer service, professionalism, and product education in our area.  Thus, DocsVapeEscape opened its doors in June of 2014, just 5 blocks from the local university. Continue reading

NICOTINE: Risks and Benefits


Warmest greetings and appreciation for your return to my blog, one dedicated to our mission statement. . “but first, do no harm!” I have had second thoughts as to the chronology of topics I intend to discuss, as I did not begin with the true “basics,” i.e. equipment, e-liquids, battery safety, proper cleansing of your mod, vaping etiquette, types of equipment, sensible use and progression of equipment, an accurate and comprehensive glossary of common terms, etc.  But the most pressing issues, those causing the greatest degree of anxiety seem to encompass nicotine, which, by now, all vapers should know. It is a very dangerous drug when used in the wrong hands for the wrong uses and the “gateway status” to other illegal compounds (NOT BEEN DOCUMENTED) which will, as well as all of the other topics aforementioned, be covered in subsequent blog entries. Remember, your feedback is very important to me. Do not be deterred from inquiring about any issues for which you are concerned.
In keeping with continuity, I have chosen to continue informing you of the effects of nicotine (N), the deleterious effects having been almost completely covered in the last blog, but NOT completely. I entered into this business with an altruistic lean, and have every intention of making available the information I would personally like to have myself, in addition to the information our patrons wish to assimilate; that information which overlaps, or expands my knowledge of vaping, so that our patrons are informed consumers. Each and every employee in our store is required to have the basic knowledge to answer the most requested questions asked, but also knows, that it is I to whom the ultimate responsibility of informed consent belongs. I will use the same enumeration format as it obviates the necessity blogging in a uniform, fluent fashion of which would be seen in the form of prose. At the expense of being myopic, I will attempt to make my information relevant, but not in contradiction of other medical facts and concerns. So, as Jim Carrey, the Pet Detective, would say, “Well, alrighty then!”

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